What do Rosa Parks, the 2012 US Election and the London Olympics have in common? Buses. A symbol of London, and loved all around the World, buses carried some of the world’s biggest stars as they performed at the Olympic Ceremony, and Barack Obama has commissioned a $1.1 million campaign bus to tour America in. They’ve got a rich history too…here are some of the World’s favourite buses.





The Partridge Family

A hit program in the 1970’s , the Partridge Family were a creative, all-singing all-dancing group – who had a bus to match. Painted a patchwork of white, yellow, red, green and black squares, the bus certainly stood out, and is one of the most fondly remembered buses of pop culture.


Rosa Parks

If you prefer your history real, then you might prefer Rosa Parks’ bus. The bus sparked a turning point in the American civil-rights era when Rosa refused to give up her seat for a white man – and we all know what happened after that. The bus itself is perfectly preserved and available to view in a museum, still with the original “Cleveland Avenue” destination.




Novelist Ken Kesey and his Merry Pranksters went on an LSD-fuelled adventure from California to New York in a red single-decker bus with some very bright paintwork. Further was already 25 years old at the start of the journey, and was pushed into a swamp and replaced at the end – before being exhumed in 2005. Their famous adventure has become the subject of many documentaries, including the recent “Magic Trip.”



Speed Bus

Have you seen hit movie Speed? Released in 1994, this action film starred Keanu Reeves and a classic-styled bus. Keanu had to guide the bus along its route without dropping the speed below 50mph, or the bus would explode.



The Magic School Bus

Whether you’ve seen the TV show or read the books, most people will be familiar with Ms Frizzle and her magic school bus. This 1980’s educational series revolved around a bus that could change in shape and size, making school trips into the human body or blasting off into space perfectly possible.



Into The Wild

Remember Christopher McCandless? Nicknamed Alexander Supertramp, Chris hiked from Atlanta up and down the west coast, through South Dakota and Colorado, and eventually into the Alaskan wilderness with barely any food and no equipment, aiming to find solitude. He had donated his $250,000 savings to charity, abandoned his car, burnt his cash and given away his belongings. His remains were found inside an abandoned bus four months later, weighing just 67 pounds. A post mortem revealed that he had died of starvation over approximately 113 days, and his story was published in several magazines before being made into the film “Into The Wild.” The bus is still there, with Chris’ belongings inside, attracting huge crowds every year and a place of remembrance for his family.

So which famous bus is your favourite? Do you prefer colourful buses from popular TV shows, or real-life buses that changed history? Whichever bus you love the most, one thing is for sure – a bus is more than just a mode of transport. Buses are the perfect place to make some great memories, too – and the perfect unusual touch for your party or event.