The Most Famous Buses in The World

What do Rosa Parks, the 2012 US Election and the London Olympics have in common? Buses. A symbol of London, and loved all around the World, buses carried some of the world’s biggest stars as they performed at the Olympic Ceremony, and Barack Obama has commissioned a $1.1 million campaign bus to tour America in. They’ve got a rich history too…here are some of the World’s favourite buses.

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The Top 5 Stag Party Movies

Stag Party movies are renowned for being wild and thoroughly entertaining. They are supposed to be the pinnacle of male comedy, stories that probably won’t be remembered the next morning and stories that are definitely best forgotten in some cases. This list of the top five Stag Party movies covers a whole range of bases yet should probably not be considered a set of guidelines in any way, shape or form.

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Stag Party Ideas for 2013

Stag parties are held for a man or the groom by his male friends before his marriage. The party is usually planned by the best man and can include various activities to make the occasion an enjoyable and memorable fare for both the groom and the attendees. These stag parties do not have a standardised format or structure. They vary across countries in terms of their presentation and execution, and it primarily depends on the history and culture of the place. In some places, the parties are for just one night whereas in others, they last for more than an evening.

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They are safe, environmentally friendly and tend to feature all manner of exotic smells, particularly on the top deck.



They can be fast, elaborate, expensive and sexy. Strap yourself in and hold on very tight please as we take a spin through some of the planet’s most notable buses.




Location: Germany

Passenger capacity: 256

Average fare cost: Cheap and plentiful

Many nations have fought over who owns the biggest bus (no, we don’t know why either) with China, Australia and Brazil all staking a claim. But this German behemoth bus must surely take the crown.



The AutoTram Extra Grand features three separate segments and is so bendy that Mayor Boris Johnson can only dream about it. At over 100 feet long, the manufacturers claim this electrically powered monster can be manoeuvred as easily as a normal bus.

A normal GIANT bus.





Location: USA

Passenger capacity: 1 intrepid driver/complete lunatic

Average fare cost: Free to the brave

Never worry about being late for class ever again. Speed freak Paul Stender from Indianapolis fitted a classic yellow school bus with a Phantom fighter jet engine and created the world’s fastest.



Capable of reaching a top speed of 367mph, we wouldn’t advise ‘hopping off when it’s going a bit slower’ as you may be parted from your lower legs.





Location: China

Passenger capacity: 1400

Average fare cost: Some crazy space currency, such as 10 Zellbrox

China is leading the way in bus design worthy of Star Trek with the 3D Express Coach (we’d would hope all buses were 3D in some way, or else they would be quite tricky to board).

This ‘flying’ or ‘straddling’ bus was recently unveiled in Beijing and hopes to be a solution to the city’s insanely awful traffic jam problem.



Buses are taken out of the busy road equation altogether and by run above all the other traffic on rails.






Location: USA
Passenger capacity: 20 dancers, 20 patrons, 1 driver
Average fare cost: The longer you stay, the more it costs

Perfect if you are feeling frisky but you’re too lazy to actually go anywhere. Why not let the scantily clad dancing ladies come to you? Detroit’s Booty Lounge is an old bus converted into a rolling pleasure venue.



Rather than the traditional, non-mobile strip club, which is housed in a boring old building, this one will come and stop by. And possibly drop you at Asda when you are done.

If you’re nice to the driver.





Location: USA

Passenger capacity: 20 right side up, 20 upside down
Average fare cost: Right side up $1.50, upside down 75¢

Yet another classic American yellow school bus gets dismembered beyond recognition with this rolling piece of political art. The Topsy Turvey Bus is a statement about the US’s confusing budget policy put together by Tom Kennedy and a group of fellow artists.



While it’s trying to make an important point about an unfair society, most people just point and comment, ‘look at that dang crazy bus’.







Location: Worldwide

Passenger capacity: One small, rich family

Average fare cost: $2.5 million

Most people, if they suddenly come into money or win the lottery, vow that their first privileged action will be to never step foot on a bus ever again.



More fun would be to drive alongside the bus that used to take you to your low paid job in this Vantare Platinum Plus, the most expensive and swanky luxury coach ever created.

Featuring rare marble, Italian leather, Swarovski crystal, Correggio fabric and specially commissioned works of art, it lives up to its $2.5 million price tag, but the gloating levels are priceless.







Location: Holland

Passenger capacity: 32

Average fare cost: Students, so not much

What with the oil running out, solar power being rubbish and still no sign of jetpacks, we need to think up some alternative transportation methods. Students at the Eindhoven University of Technology designed and built this ‘bike bus’ on which 32 ‘passengers’ pedal furiously to shift this two-ton beast.



Probably best to take it when you have shower facilities available at whatever destination you are traveling towards.

Although, it could be a novel way of solving out the obesity problem.





Location: France

Passenger capacity: 60

Average fare cost: Something in francs, spacefrancs.

Oh the good old days. When men were men and vehicles had big glass domes, fins and large bulges for no reason at all.

This has to be the most insane and, at the same time, most magnificent bus ever created. Built in the 1950s, but looking like it should be from the 2050s, the Citroen U55 Cityrama Currus was a Paris sightseeing vehicle, designed to show people around the City of Love in the most memorable way possible.



All curves and glass and stylishness, it’s the bus equivalent of the LBD or the Champagne flute.

In other words, a design classic.


What Makes the Perfect Christmas Night Out?

Going out with your friends or family for a Christmas night out can be great fun, but if you want to have the perfect evening out, it requires some planning and effort.

Plan Ahead

The first step to having a great night out is to plan it well. Think of a venue, or a list of venues that you feel everyone would enjoy. Once you have a venue or group of venues in mind, make sure you tell everyone as soon as possible. You need to give people at least a month’s notice, so that they can fit the night out into their schedules.

Get the Part Atmosphere Started Early

A great night out is one that starts on a high point. The best way to get everyone in the part mood early on is to hire a party bus. A party bus is a bus that is a bus that is modified to include a number of fun features. Party buses include a number of features, such as a sound system, disco lights, and televisions, which make them perfect for nights out. A party bus will pick up any one who is going on your night out, and provide everyone with a fun party experience, on the way to the venue itself. You and your friends can get the parted started on your way to your venue, and by the time you get there, everyone will be in high spirits.


One of the main reasons why people don’t go on nights out is because they have no way to get to the venue and no way to get back home. On a night out, alcohol is generally involved, meaning that people cannot drive home, as they would be over the limit. Taxis are an option, but they are often expensive, and this puts people off the idea of going out. This means that you are not going to get a great turn out for your night out, and it won’t be the most exciting evening out.

A good solution to this problem is to hire a party bus. Not only is a party bus great fun, as described above, but they are also a great method of transportation for large groups of people. If your friends know that they have a means of transportation for the way there and for the way back, they are much more likely to say yes to your invitation, and you’ll get a better turn out and a more exciting night out.